We offer the same quality level of servicing that you would experience at a franchised main dealer but we offer you the personal touch and will listen to any additional issues you may have and to rectify them as well. All servicing is carried out to a schedule that you will receive and we keep a copy of. If any additional work is found that requires attention, we will estimate it and seek your approval before it is undertaken or arrange to re-book your vehicle. Your service book will be stamped with a Bosch Car Service stamp or updated online at any Digital Service Record (DSR), as more manufacturer’s are moving over to this.

With changes in European legislation, it is possible to have your vehicle serviced from new at an independent VAT registered garage without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty.

We have courtesy cars available to help with the inconvenience of being without your car whilst it is in for a service or repair. This is free of charge with only a nominal fee for the fuel used.

To comply with legislation and to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, we use original equipment (O.E.) supplied parts and quality lubricants like Petronas. We also give the same care and attention to vehicles outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period and use quality parts / lubricants by some of the following names; Bosch, NGK, Schaeffler Group – LuK, INA, Castrol, Mahle, Pierburg, Valeo, Sachs, Mann, Delphi, Pagid, Boge, Gates, Dayco to name a few. If your vehicle is serviced or repaired using inferior parts and fluids the service life of your vehicle will be greatly reduced.

Bosch products can be found on 80% of new vehicles and in recent years the advances in the technology in your car have been huge and Bosch have been at the forefront of this. They invented the Spark plug over 100 years ago, without which the petrol engine would not work and they have been involved in the advance of Diesel technology for over 75 years

We continually invest in the latest equipment and training to keep up with changes in modern vehicle technology. Each of our technicians carry out a minimum yearly amount of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) vehicle specific training so you know your car is in safe hands.

For vehicles not under manufacturer’s warranty we offer three levels of service from a basic oil change to a comprehensive full service involving wheel removal and brake inspection.

Lubrication Service – Basic oil service with other items visually checked

Interim Service – Please note our interim service would be referred to as a full service at some main dealers

Major Service – A thorough examination of your vehicle including a full brake strip & clean


We offer a free reminder service, leave us your address, mobile phone number or email address and we will remind you each time your service is due.

We offer the following additional services and fluid changes to be carried out with or without a service.

  • Manual gearbox / transfer box and differential oil changes.
  • Cambelt and tensioners changed including water pump if required with new antifreeze
  • Automatic gearbox oil and oil filter change including DSG gearboxes.
  • Diesel and petrol injection system and crankcase flush and clean using BG products


PRO-CUT Disc Brake Lathe – Specialist machine tool to skim brake discs on the vehicle to eliminate brake judder.

BRAKE FLUID CHANGE to purge the system of old brake fluid using a pressurized Pichler mains operated machine.

DIESEL PARTICULATE FILTER (DPF) problems rectified and repairs normally without renewing the expensive DPF filter including chemical cleaning using Tunap service equipment. * As of Feb 2014 it is illegal to have your DPF removed also your vehicle will then fail it’s MOT test *

EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION (EGR) using a BG VIA Induction System cleaning equipment to rectify sticking valves and inlet manifold swirl flaps.

BG PRODUCTS Industry leading products for oil and fuel treatments

RADIATOR COOLING SYSTEM FLUSH and antifreeze change using BG CT2 service machine.

POWER STEERING SYSTEM FLUSH and change using BG service machine.

TYRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS) service, calibration and repairs using ATEQ service equipment.

STEELMAN ELECTRONIC CHASSIS EAR For difficult to find rattles, knocks and squeaks in suspension, steering and wheel bearings etc

AUTO TRANSMISSION FLUSHING – using our Launch CAT501S machine to fully exchange 99% of the vehicle’s transmission fluid.

DIESEL INJECTOR BENCH TESTING using our Bosch EPS118 test bench that generates a printout of results.

WALNUT SHELL BLASTING – using our specialist equipment for engine inlet valves and manifold cleaning.

Please phone us on 01724 711410 for more details