Air Conditioning Service

Most of today’s cars come with air conditioning or climate control. These systems use a special gas to cool the air that helps control the temperature within the vehicle. The system also dehumidifies and cleans the air. Over a period of time the vehicle will lose its gas, become contaminated or the filters will become saturated which can cause the system to become inefficient or fail completely.

The benefits of our air conditioning service include;

  • Removing unwanted bacteria
  • Stop recirculation of dust and pollutant particles
  • Maximising the efficiency of the system
  • Improving de-misting times
  • Increased fuel economy

It is a fact that gas leaks naturally from all car air conditioning systems rubber pipes at 10 – 15% per annum. If this is left untreated, fuel economy is affected when the system is run. The compressor (which uses fuel) has to work harder to generate the correct temperatures when the gas level is low. This costs you money as it uses more fuel. In addition, the lower the gas level, the greater the likelihood of component failure, this is when re-gassing is recommended.

For this reason air conditioning units should be serviced and recharged (re-gassed) at least every 2 years.

We can carry out a free pressure test / visual inspection and advise on next steps to take.


We use a Bosch ACS650 fully automatic air con machine to re-gas and service the system

N.B. If we have a vehicle in that has no gas in its system it is quite likely it has a leak. As a registered air conditioning F gas licence holder we have a duty of care so don’t advise filling with new air con gas which will leak straight out, we would recommend using our Nitrogen gas (which is 80% of the atmosphere) to pressure test and trace the leaks in the system. Should a pipe be found to be the cause of a leak we can repair a large number of the air con systems pipework both metal and rubber with our Loktrace and Mastercool specialist tools, this sometimes can be carried out in situ which can save time having to remove a pipe that disappears out of sight and possibly the cost of an expensive pipe.


Air Conditioning and climate control systems work the same as a fridge; the compressor pumps the liquid R134a refrigerant around the system, so much that the liquid heats up, it then passes through the radiator (condenser) at the front of the vehicle to cool it, it then compresses the liquid refrigerant so much that as it is passed through either a fixed orifice tube or THC valve, it turns to gas causing super cooling in the system, this then passes through a small radiator (evaporator) inside the vehicle, the chilled air is then blown through this evaporator up thought the heater ducts in to the vehicle.


You can use your A/C system on the hot setting too, this helps to demist the car much more quickly, the evaporator attracts all the moisture in the air in much the same way as a cold glass of water does on a summers day. Also, using this system briefly every day keeps the seals in the system lubricated, therefore not allowing the gas to leak out over the winter.

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